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Yuan Yinghe is a Yuan surname village with more than 600 years of history. Although there are few traces of history now. According to the genealogy records and county records, the ancestor of the Yuan Yinghe people, also the ancestor of the Red An Yuan, moved here because of the end of war. Although the people of the clan did not cut off branches and leaves for centuries and sowed to other lands, Yuan Yinghe, who was the root, had always been a thriving person and had always been a large and small village. Yuan Yinghe’s ancestral name Yuan Ying, plus one of the upper reaches of the county’s largest river, Luoshui River, flows through the village north, presumably this is the reason for its name. In Huang’an County, this river is also known as Yuan Yinghe. Most of the Yuan Ying River is in the hilly land, and there are almost no large flat areas. There are several mountains, and the highest base temple is only 110 meters above sea level. In terms of natural scenery, Yuan Yinghe does not have as much interest as many other villages in the region. The beauty of Yuan Yinghe needs to be discovered, either through your eyes or through your hardworking hands. This article attempts to use the camera to show this kind of beauty.

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